logo design

texas butterfly monitoring network

TBMN_Logo-final-with text.png

The director of the newly formed Texas Butterfly Monitoring Network approached me to design a logo for their organization. After doing a bit of research into other logos for science organizations, I decided I wanted to do something clean, minimal and straightforward. For this design, I wanted to incorporate the shape of the Monarch Butterfly into the shape of Texas, since it is the state insect. I noticed that the southern border with Mexico follows the shape of a wing nicely, so I played off of that. I created many versions before this final version, some incorporating color and other shapes, but I finally settled on this one, since the shape of Texas on its own is so iconic.

A bit about the organization: the Texas Butterfly Monitoring Network (TBMN) is a Citizen Science project based on the Pollard Protocol. Volunteer monitors will walk the same route nine times throughout the year and will record every butterfly seen on the route. Participants can choose their own route, though it should take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to complete. This data will be entered into the Pollardbase data management system and will be used for long-term monitoring of butterflies around the state.


design iterations